WUP @ ARS Electronica

As part of the ARS Electronica festival 2009 a team of five students from the FH St. Pölten was allowed to use their imagination on how to use the 40.000 LEDs of the facade of the (then new) ARS Electronica Center. Becaused we liked games on big screens back then, we decided to go play games on a 20m BIG screen.

By scanning a QR code with their smartphone passersbys where allowed to play Star-Destroyer, Tick-Tack-Toe and other games on the facade. As smartphones where still quite rare back then, team members where positioned around the block and let people play on their phones. We got quite some looks when asking: "Do you want to use my phone to play a game on this houses wall?"

The WUP project was also nominated winner of the 2009 Golden Wire award

Blumenstein Kerstin
Eitler Thomas
Grubinger Martin
Kuba Roman
Maurice Wohlkönig