Arduino & Android Home Control

By combining some electronics, a Arduino YÚN and the power of Android I created a system which is able to control up to eight electric devices from a Smartphone anywhere in the world.

Of course this is nothing special and you can buy devices which do pretty much the same from any better hardware store for just as little as $$$. But I was looking for a way to keep my aging YÚN from cluttering my desk, reuse some of those old relays in my drawer and stop me from having to jump over the couch every time I want to switch on my stero. Also the coolnes-factor of controlling the light from my smartphone.

presenting: Arduino Home Control


  • Arduino YÚN
  • 1 x ULN2803 relais driver
  • 5 x relais (8 ampere min)
  • a cheap wireless power outlet switch with 3 RSL
  • wires, clamps, electrical tape, fe/male connectors

Costs total: 83 €


Create a board with the relais driver and your relais somewhat like this. Connect the GND to the Arduinos GND, CD+ goes to the Arduino 5V output. The driver input pins go to the Yun digital Pins. Now you connect your female power connectors to the relais and loop through a incoming power source. Done. Everything else is software and can be found on github.