c-tv 2010

Website for the campus TV channel of the University OAC St. Pölten

Web PHP JavaScript WordPress WordPress Theme WordPress Plugins Video-pre-processor Flash Video Player


falott 2009

Drag-and-drop your own t-shirt design shop

Web PHP MySQL JavaScript Yahoo YUI

Rental System 2009

I refactored the code behind the equipment rental system of the FHSTP

Web PHP MySQL JavaScript Jenkins CI

AnachB 2011-2012

The name gives it all away: Gets you from A to B. With bike, bus or by foot

Android SQLite Routing Multimodal

SmartMeter 2013

Ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high? Now you know.

Android REST Webservices E-Electricity Internet of things

Bikenavi 2013

Bike turn-by-turn navigation client for Vienna

Android Routing Bike Text to speech

TMTW 2012

Tell Me The Way. Get it? It's an indoor routing app-prototype.

Android Indoor Routing

Kongressnavigator 2012

Official client for the ITS Vienna congress 2012

Android Indoor Routing Routing Timetables Maps

Mobikid 2011

Serious game for learning how to use the subway. Do kids need this?

Android Routing Serious Game
Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk 2010

To/from event and/or POI routing service. Also suggests when it is time to stop.

Android Routing
GAMinside Lib

GAMinside Lib 2012

Google-Adsense inspired Gamification library prototype

Android Gamification API

MyBonus 2013

Collect stamps while shopping. Earn gifts. Easy!

Android Bonus program SQLite REST Webservice

Studymaker 2010

Mobile survey collector for medical studies and their participants

Android Health monitoring Push REST Webservice

Tripease 2011

Routing app for the public transport system in London

Android Routing Open Government Data

VVS mobil 2011-2015

Routing and departure-info for the public transportation system of Stuttgart

Android Routing Push SQLite REST Webservice
Ingress Notifier

Ingress Notifier 2013

Add-on client for the Google Android MMPORP Ingress

Android JavaEE PostgreSQL Game REST Webservice

Mobiletrack 2009

In 2009 hot hot hot: Mobile webapps for tracking vehicle positions

WebApp Location Tracking PHP

) These projects where developed for and in cooperation with the Fluidtime Data Services GmbH
) This project was developed for and in cooperation with Proximity Technology